Competition info 

  • Open to all sections
  • The 2020 competition will run from the start of December 2019 to the end of December 2020. Entries will open in November 2019 and close at the end of December 2020
  • Enter your teams, go bowling, and remember to record the scores!
  • You can enter as many teams as you like for one entry fee.
  • The scores are for one game.
  • You enter your teams by section, so if you mix age ranges on a lane, keep track of individual scores.
  • Minimum team size is three if you don't have six players
  • If you don't have six in the team, we will just take an average of the number that you do have
  • The results will be based on the average of those scores
  • We do not need proof of your score "a scout is to be trusted"
  • We will publish the results by email and on this website as soon as possible after the end of May, allowing a week or two for any final scores to be entered.
  • Certificates of participation are available on the download page, if you want something to give to those that take part on the night (or buy badges a couple of weeks in advance!)
  • We will email results certificates for all teams that enter results
  • If your age ranges don't match the UK, please put your team in the section of your oldest member
  • Gutter bumpers/barriers: teams will get a points bonus for NOT using gutter bumpers. Yes, we imagine most/all Beaver/Cub age teams will use bumpers, and that's fine, but it really bugs me when my explorers use them, where's the incentive to improve when you can't go wrong?

NOTE: Canadian five pin bowling - this is fine, you can take part no problem, you're welcome, but please divide your scores by 1.5 when you enter them